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Hi, my name's  Andrea Ferrariphoto of Andrea Ferrari. I was born in Modena - Italy in MCMLXXX
I am a Content Creator, Screenwriter, Photographer, and Painter. In short, an Eclectic Artist
  My passion for photography started in MMI. My first camera was a Pentax P30T whereas I currently use an medium format Mamiya RB67 with IlFord and Fuji films. My photos tend to be sentimental, emotionally-charged creations. In fact, I don't just think about the image alone, I try to bring it to life, capturing on film the intangible, spiritual dimensions. 

In MMIX, I founded a small, independent publishing house - Andrea Ferrari Group - with the  mission of publishing socially-useful books
The first photo book  I edited and published was  Il Sentimento dell'Arte (four models acted out different feelings and emotions and readers were invited to interact with their own emotional reactions); in my second book, Ely  (readers have to write down the encounter of one model); for my third book, Jazz's Whisper  (jazz concerts) I received the honour of an interview on Italy's most important radio station, RTL 102.5 .  I wrote and illustrated the following  children's books
Vita Sana  (a silent picture book for children comparing the life of a child in the city with that of a child living in the countryside)  
No Droga No Alcool  (a picture book for older readers explaining the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse)
Ho Fame   (another silent picture book  in which I compare the lives of a rich and a poor child)
Società Deviata   (a sci-fi picture book exploring the consequences of a society without values)
In MMX, I had the honour of publishing an amazing children's book about children's rights, backed by 
. It was called Mamma, mi racconti un Diritto? based on a suggestion I received from Modena Education Department. It contains ten short stories, each one relating to an article of the  UN Convention on the rights of the child. The illustrations were done by pupils of the Adolfo Venturi Art School in Modena.

In MMXI, I published a cookery book featuring a staple of Italian cuisine and also of the local diet in my hometown Modena: Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar PDO, known locally as "black gold". The book won me the Best Single Product Book category at the Cookbook Awards, held at the International CookBook Exhibition in Paris.

I embarked on a new venture during the same year, MMXI, creating a cartoon character called Frullo, a small but very feisty squirrel who was later joined by Pallottolina, a ladybird and three other fun characters. The cartoon became the basis of a schools workshop for lower secondary pupils in Modena, an offshoot of activities of the Modena Council Corporate Social Responsibility Club
Working with the Voluntary Services Centre,  I wrote the subject and the screenplay of an episode called Frullo e il volontariato. In it, Frullo explains to readers how voluntary work and helping friends in need can be fun. The episode is set in the villages of the province of Modena which were hit by the earthquake in MMXII. In another project with the Voluntary Services Centre, I wrote the subject and the screenplay of a story called Frullo e la mediazione This time Frullo tries to explain the importance of talking about a situation that might otherwise seem insurmountable , .   
Working with a local bank, Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna, I wrote the subject and the screenplay of Frullo e la finanza.   In this episode, Frullo explains the value of money..  
Working with IFI Consulting, I wrote the subject and the screenplay of Frullo e la navigazione   where Frullo explains the dangers of an improper use of the internet.

In MMXV, I embarked on an experimental photographic project called Amateur View - an ipad photo book - to give fashion photos a less professional look. It resulted in: Viola .  

In January MMXVII, I will be publishing X anni in medio formato , a book collating CCCLXXXVII photos taken from MMVI to MMXVI. 

I am currently writing the script for Il Lampione Misterioso , a  chilling and gory sci-fi thriller which jumps back into the past, during the second world war. Click to watch a trailer.  
In addition to this feature film, I also have two short films in mind: one about women's role in society through the centuries and the other a very raw erotic film with a twist at the end that will shock viewers.  
In addition to these short films, I also have a television series on the fashion industry

I am a member of the Tassoni  philatelic and numismatic society in Modena, membership number CLXII.


Name Exhibition City Country Type of Exhibition Paintings/Photographs Year
Colors Lausanne Switzerland Collective Paintings MMXVII
Portraits Lausanne Switzerland Collective photographs MMXV
La Modena del Graziosi Modena Italy Personal Photographs MMVII

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Gazzetta di Modena

articolo Gazzetta di Modena - Andrea Ferrari
articolo Gazzetta di Modena - Andrea Ferrari mostra Losanna Svizzera

Interview on DI TV in the studios in Imola

DI_Arte_prima_puntata from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.

DI_Arte_seconda_puntata from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.

DI_Arte_terza_puntata from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.

DI_Arte_quarta_puntata from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.

DI_Arte_quinta_puntata from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.

Interview on TRC to introduce Frullo

Il Lampione Misterioso trailer

Il Lampione Misterioso - il trailer from Andrea Ferrari on Vimeo.


Il Sentimento dell'Arte

Il Sentimento dell'Arte
Author: Andrea Ferrari
Genre: Photography
Publisher: Andrea Ferrari Group
Year: MMIX
Isbn: 978-88-904642-0-1
Language: italian/english


Author: Andrea Ferrari
Genre: Photography
Publisher: Andrea Ferrari Group
Year: MMX
Isbn: 978-88-904642-5-6
Language: italian